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You Have All You Need

“Do not worry about your life, what you will eat; or about your body, what you will wear. For life is more than food, and the body more than clothes” Luke 12: 22 - 23 NIV.

Most of the success programs you’ll find feed on scarcity. They want you to buy their materials and enroll in their programs, so they focus on what you don’t have, but should want badly. That’s Marketing 101.

But what if true success in life is a better combination of outward prosperity with improved physical and emotional well-being? Nothing in our vast lexicon of consumerism will point us to being happy with what we have right now. Overweight? Buy our Two Days to a Thinner You fitness planner. Going broke? Send us $1k today to enroll in our Overnight Riches program.

There’s nothing wrong with being skinny and rich unless you have to sacrifice your better life to do it. Our addiction to outward prosperity has come at the tremendous cost of our souls. We’ve sold out to climbing ladders, chasing side hustles, and bought into a pervasive American dissatisfaction, no matter what kind of house we currently live in.

We don’t have to downsize your goals to find a better life. It only takes losing scarcity. The fear of not having enough is a cruel taskmaster. It constantly dangles the dreadful images of poverty, sickness, lack, and death in front of you. Lose the fear and you can tap into a deeper serenity by trusting that God’s got your back. You need to work and take care of business. But remembering you have all you need right now will change how you approach everything. All you need will be there right when you need it.

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