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Blessing Our Sins

“As far as the east is from the west, so far has he removed our transgressions from us” Psalm 103:12 NIV.

“Lord, we bless our past because it’s becoming our wisdom. We bless our adversities because they’ve become our strength. And we bless our sins because they’ve become our love. Amen.”

I found that prayer in my cell phone notes, but I don’t remember if I wrote it or found it in one of the many books I read. In case it’s totally someone else’s words, forgive me. I’m not intentionally plagiarizing, but I failed to record the reference. I love that prayer. It sums up a fantastic view of what lies in our rearview mirrors. Overcoming our regrettable pasts is a daunting task sometimes, so this prayer hits the mark in helping us redeem it. Our sins are redeemed to become love as we allow God’s love to take their place.

Notice that we are doing the blessing in this prayer. We are making the sign of the cross over our past. We are the priests consecrating our sins and blunders unto God, but claiming the wisdom, strength, and love that our past can offer to us. As in Niebuhr’s Serenity Prayer, prayed by millions of people worldwide for personal peace, this prayer could help all of us find the treasures buried in our worst moments. God redeems our sins, transmuting them into symbols of grace and love.

Our natural tendency is to curse our past, especially the sinful parts, not bless it. Allowing any negativity toward ourselves is still negativity. Negativity sets up wonky mojo in our minds and bodies, making us sad, depressed, and even sick. Praying this prayer releases the good stuff in our brains that cascades throughout our bodies, releasing us into joy and the perfect will of God. Stop cursing yourself and learn to bless the person God has so beautifully created in you.

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