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Curiosity Leads to Better Questions

“Jesus looked at them and said, “This is something that people cannot do. But God can do anything” Matthew 19:26 NIV.

Better questions bring better answers. Having a better life means learning to ask better questions to get better results.

If you don’t like your life right now, what would you change? What would it take to feel better, look better, and live better? Is it really anyone else’s fault you’re not in a better life-situation? What’s the one thing you can change in your thinking habits to have a better attitude? More joy? More freedom? More laughter?

That was a string of questions, but you get the point. Developing curiosity around how we might look at our lives objectively is one way we can gather more insights about the kind of life we really want to live. You may not want large-scale change, but desire more serenity about where you are and what you already have. Either way, curiosity leads to better questions.

Karen, our friend in Michigan, always asks, “Whose fault is it if you’re not having fun?” Great starting question. Who’s fault is it that you don’t have more money, joy, relationships, or success? Is it God’s thumb squashing you like a bug? Is it your ex or your kids or your 4th Grade teacher? Asking yourself who you might be blaming for your misery is a brilliant idea. Thanks, Karen.

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